The Body Knows

You know those moments when all the pieces of a puzzle you didn't even know you were trying to put together finally fit?  I had one of those moments while I was stretching on Billy Goat Hill this morning.  I have been struggling with neck pain and started going to see someone who does tui na, a traditional type of Chinese massage.  He confirmed that yes, my neck is a mess, but what also became apparent is that my legs are super tight...especially my left leg.  

I walk and jog quite a bit so I knew my IT bands were tight, but I was kind of shocked at how much pain was in there...especially on the left side.  I started doing some serious stretching and noticed that I also almost always sit in a way that stretches my right side. And the more I do it the more I do it because it's more comfortable. Basically, I have been reinforcing this pattern for a long time and that's why I'm so tight. 

Now back to my "ah ha" moment...I had my left leg up on the fence and was grimacing with how much it was hurting when I thought "Wow, I've neglected this side of myself!" And I realized, yes, literally I have been neglecting a side of myself...the left side of my physical being. And that is a metaphor and also a physical manifestation of the other side of myself that I have been neglecting.  The side of me that writes.  The side of me that stopped writing on this blog years ago. It all makes so much sense. Just like with my legs, the more I leaned in one direction, the harder it felt to go back in the other direction. That kind of worked until it felt painful.

I'm now doing yoga for runners and lots of stretches to help my body become more balanced again. I'm also paying attention to the habits that got me here.  And on the psychic/mental health side of things, I am taking the time to write, travel and do the things that make me feel balanced.