Working with a coach means talking with someone you trust to keep you at the center of things. It's not about getting advice or being told what to do.  It's about helping you figure out the best answers for yourself, and creating momentum in the right direction.  Whether it's career coaching, personal coaching, health coaching, it all comes down to creating a place where you can challenge yourself, ask questions, admit doubts and failures, and always believe that positive change is possible. 

I've resisted taking on a niche because I believe every part of our lives impacts every part of our lives.  I have worked more with people focusing on career questions than anything else, but it's a rare instance where we don't touch on other aspects of life. I've tried different ways of offering my services, but I always end up finding that different people have different needs, so I keep it simple. I offer coaching on an hourly basis, and together we figure out the best schedule/timeline for you.

I meet with clients in my backyard office in San Francisco or by phone/skype/whatsapp/facetime.

I have two rates: the first is pay as you go for individual 1-hour sessions, and the second is a slightly discounted rate if you pay in advance for four one-hour sessions.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.